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Cortona by night
Municipal palace
Lago Trasimeno from Cortona.
Piazza della Repubblica from the municipal palace
Sala del Consiglio


The Ceremony will take place on July 2nd, 2010 at 11:00 in the morning in the historic Italian town of Cortona in southeastern Tuscany. Find the main piazza of town—Piazza della Repubblica—and the lovely big building with the stairs and clocktower is the town’s municipal building. We’ll be waiting for you in there in the ancient Sala del Consiglio.

Given that it’s a civil ceremony, we anticipate it will be on the brief side. Afterwards, we intend to take our time celebrating in the piazza and around town with family and friend photo ops, and definitely a gelato!

It will likely be a hot day so we encourage shady hats, parasols, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Heidi's Dress

Heidi will be proud to wear her maternal grandmother's wedding dress from 1940. The original tag shows it's from a small East Coast seamstress boutique. It's been updated for the times and the July heat courtesy of friend and designer, Barbara Blatz-Stone. Heidi hopes to live up to her grandmother's glamour and poise. She thinks Nana Sheila would have gotten a kick out of the post-nuptial gelato. Heidi will also being wearing an add-a-pearl necklace Nana Sheila started for her when she was born. In addition to the dress, "Something Old" is doubly covered: Heidi will carry a handkerchief handmade by her great-grandmother in 1902 for her mother's wedding day. Thus Heidi will bring three generations of family into her wedding wear.

Why Cortona?

No, not because it’s the setting for Under the Tuscan Sun. Heidi first visited Cortona in college when she lived in Padova. She was hunting for her favorite Italian pop star who hails from there. She didn’t find him but she did find the most charming of Tuscan hill towns. Carlo had only paid a brief visit to Cortona before meeting Heidi, but immediately thought of the area for the residential screenwriting workshops he organized with UCLA Professor Paul Chitlik.

It was during the first of these workshops that we connected artistically, deepening our relationship. We realized it might be more than just a boyfriend/girlfriend situation. It was after the second year’s workshop that Carlo proposed. We’ve always felt that Italy was central to our relationship. In fact we were introduced by our friend Alexandra Jameson based on the fact that we both speak Italian. Because our love feels rooted in Italy, the choice for a wedding venue was inevitable.

About Cortona

Cortona is one of the oldest and most scenic hill towns in Tuscany. According to folklore, Cortona was founded by Dardanus, who also established the city of Troy and gave his name to the Dardanelles. Whatever its origins, there was already an Umbrian settlement here when it was taken over by the Estruscans in the 8th Century BC. Four centuries later it passed to the Romans. By the 11th century it was a free city state, fighting regularly with neighboring Arezzo and Perugia. At the beginning of the 1400s Florence took over, ending Cortona's independence for good.

The town is a maze of old streets and medieval buildings with breathtaking views over southeastern Tuscany's Valdichiana and Lake Trasimeno in Umbria. Due to its steep location, virtually all modern development has been limited to the lower suburb of Camucia, where the train station is also located. Nowadays Cortona is known for local resident Frances Mayes, author of the bestselling Under the Tuscan Sun.

Via Nazionale is the town's main thoroughfare and the only level street, leading from the southeastern gate to the center of town. There you will find two adjoining squares, Piazza della Repubblica and Piazza Signorelli, which are dominated by the Palazzo Comunale (where we are getting married) and its bell tower. We also recommend taking the steep walk up to Santa Margherita sanctuary, at the very top of the town. Other important sites include the Museo dell'Accademia Etrusca (the Etruscan museum) in the Palazzo Casali behind the Palazzo Comunale; the Museo Diocesano, where you can find masterpieces by Signorelli and Angelico; and Santa Maria del Calcinaio (also called Madonna del Calcinaio), a renaissance era church a few minutes outside town on the road down to Camucia.

Map of the Town

You can find maps, showing where all wedding activities are taking place, on the DIRECTIONS page. The address for ceremony is:

Sala del Consiglio – Comune di Cortona
Piazza della Repubblica 3
52044 Cortona (AR).

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