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Villa Michelangelo.
Villa Michelangelo.
View from Villa Michelangelo.
Another shot of the villa.
Outside Villa Michelangelo.
Inside Villa Michelangelo.
The big outdoor table
View from the roof at dusk.


After taking your time wandering around Cortona and/or taking pictures with us, maybe even sneaking in a nap, make your way to Villa Michelangelo for a rustic, relaxed, country party starting at 2 in the afternoon. Driving time is about 30 minutes, and we are checking into the possibility of a shuttle bus. We will start with champagne and wine served in the front yard. After that, food will be buffet style and dining will be at the big picnic table under the arbor in the back yard or wherever you find a place that beckons to you.

We plan to do the party Italian style: lots of food and friends long into the evening. It will be hot, so bring a change of clothes for comfort if you like. There are mosquitos in the evening so you may want to bring your favorite repellent, although we will have citronella and electric repellers.

The food will be provided by local agritourismo owner Marta Cerù and her chef partner Giulia of Il Cucciolo, where our screenwriting group stayed for a week last year. We were blown away by Il Cucciolo’s simple, delicious, locally sourced and traditional food and think you will be too.

The cake will be tiramisù made by the villa’s caretaker, Tina Marioli Alunni. We fell in love with Tina’s tiramisù during our first writing retreat at the villa and are thrilled she’s agreed to prepare it for our wedding.

The wines will be selected and procured directly from vineyards around Italy by Carlo’s uncle Federico who lives in Milan and maintains an impressive wine cellar curated through years of wine expertise.

The Villa

Peaceful and bright, the Villa Michelangelo is located on a dominating hillside (550 meters above sea level) with extensive views. Villa Michelangelo has extensive grounds, including a garden, grass terracing, olive groves, meadows, swimming pool, and even a lake...somewhere...we haven't found it yet.

The villa itself belongs to Cavagna family friend Michelangelo Abrate. When Miche bought it, it was in a sad state as an abandoned farmhouse and tobacco drying facility. After an extensive redesign by Carlo’s uncle Emilio, it is the lovely villa you see today. Its former name was La Scorpionaia—the scorpion house. Scorpions are common in Tuscany and we’ve seen a few tiny ones but fingers crossed they’ll leave us alone for the reception!

Why the Villa?

In 2008 Carlo worked with UCLA professor Paul Chitlik to put together a screenwriting retreat. We’ve been coming back to the villa ever since. It’s been the setting for much writing inspiration, romantic sunsets toasted with local wine, and meals shared with laughing friends. We couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate our marriage and wanted to share this place we love with our friends and family. Miche has generously given this week’s stay at the villa to us as a wedding gift.

Where Is It?

The address for the villa is listed below. However, like many other locations in this area, it does not come up accurately in most online maps, so be sure to refer to the detailed directions and maps on the DIRECTIONS page.

Località Leoncini Monte 39
Sant'Andrea di Sorbello
52044 Cortona (AR)
Tel. +39 0575 619157 (incoming only)



  • Mixed cheeses from Umbria and Tuscany with honey and jam
  • Prosciutto and fresh mellon and figs
  • Grilled vegetables

First Plates

  • Red lasagna with meat and tomato sauce
  • White vegetarian lasagna with sweet peas and mushrooms sauce
  • Rice-stuffed tomatoes on a bed of potatoes

Second Plates

  • Eggplants parmigiana
  • Beef rolls with sage and prosciutto

Side Plates

  • Green salad with walnuts and gorgonzola cheese (honey dressing)
  • Home made bread and typical Umbrian bread


  • Homemade tiramisù

Except the dessert, all food will provided by Agriturismo Il Cucciolo. The tiramisù will be prepared by Villa Michelangelo caretaker Tina Marioli Alunni.

Except the lasagna and the tiramisù, this is a gluten-free menu. A small amount of white lasagna and tiramisù will be available in gluten-free form.

Wine List

  • Couvèe Radetzky (sparkling wine)
  • Rosso di Montalcino 2006 (red, alcohol 13.8% by vol.)
  • Bianco di Custoza 2009 — (white, alcohol 12% by vol.)
  • Soave Classico 2009 — (white, alcohol 12% by vol.)

These wines have been selected specifically for summer weather by Carlo's uncle Federico. Except the Couvèe Radetzky, he has obtained all of them directly from the wineries and bottled them himself.

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